At Stanleys Body Works we understand how costly it is for any vehicle to be off the road. We have earned a reputation for restoring these vital assets to their original condition quickly, and to the highest possible standards.


Our prime objective is to offer all of our customers a ONE-STOP-ACCIDENT REPAIR SERVICE PACKAGE.

Managing Director Stan Ambelas has an attitude to work standards, customer care, and quality that is uncompromising. Personal involvement in every aspect of the business has ensured that we have remained one of the most efficient body repair businesses in the country.

The car and commercial repairs side of the business has been established since 1978, and our 19 staff have acquired a wealth of experience in repairing all types of vehicles.

Our premises of 15,000 Sq Ft include car and commercial vehicle body repair centre, service and mechanical workshops, and dedicated offices and administration.

We also have a secure, locked storage compound for all vehicles, with 24 hour active security.

Automotive Accident Repairs

10Due to our wealth of fleet experience and understanding of the needs of the fleet operator, we are equipped to handle fleets of cars in our computer designed bodyshop as effectively as in our commercial vehicle section.

Where required, our technicians will use the latest realignment equipment for chassis straightening to ensure that your cars are repaired according to strict specifications. Your safety is always Stanleys Body Workss priority.

From small scratches to major collision damage, we guarantee a consistent and reliable service.

Quality checks are performed after each process, including a vigorous final check before it is released to the customer.

Our staff are fully trained and competent with all the modern repair techniques, and we use only the most up-to-date vehicle industry equipment.

To further prove our commitment to quality, Stanleys Body Works has also been awarded ISO 9002 Accreditation.

We use  environmentally friendly paints PPG waterborne paints. For more information please go to environmentally friendly paints.